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*It's Just Around The Corner....

Who Am Eye?

"M.D.F" by: Christina Renee
It seems like every-1's feelin down & Distrought,
Ya feel as if nothing is going right.
U just wanna cry....U just wanna die.
But take my hand,
Eye've gotta better plan 2nite.
Music, Dance, & Flowers
It's a sight 4 the sore eye's.
We're havin a party,
Every soul is welcome.
There'll B Music, Dance, & flowers
4 every-1.
So come on in & Join the fun,
Don't bring ur judgements on any-1.
Cause 2nite we're all 1.
Everybody's searchin,
searchin 4 all the answers.
Politicians & Religions,
R the answers 4 them.
When ppl stop searchin,
It shall B very clear.
But till ya'll stop trippin,
U'll b stuck in the same position.
It's the milinium,
Seems like it's the years 4 posers.
Everybody so fake,
It's like noone is real anymore.
Wut happened 2 good music?
Like Hendrix, Marley, Joplin, & Prince?
Eye don't know wut the hell U came here 4,
But get ur ass out on the floor.
In harmony we sing,
In peace we bring
Our souls 2unite 2nite.
2nite we'll all B one,
No diffrences in race's, Age's, Or religions.
It dosen't matter where u came from,
we're all connected 2 this world.
"The Holy River" by: Christina Renee
Eye dream....eye dream.
2nite eye dream of magical things.
Angel's, & fairys, & colorful things.
Flowers, & Candy, & Peaceful singing.
Eye walk as butterfly's follow,
Down a passage so narrow.
Then B-4 my eyez a river appears,
This river is a collection of all my tears.
All the painful tears eye've cried,
since the tender age of 9.
All the embaresment, Anger, & fear
Eye've felt eye've had 2 hide all this time.
Slowly eye walk closer 2 the river,
Eye gasp in amazement as soft as a whisper.
Eye get even closer & fall 2 my knees.
Eye touch the water..Sumthins coming over me.
Suddenly eye understand,
Eye understand everything.
Eye understand Y god has blessed me,
with this amazing, heartfelt dream.
But now eye must sleep,
Eye feel as if eye need 2 sleep.
When eye awake eye'm not there anymore,
Eye'm bak in my bed, my house, my world.
Eye cry 4 a 2nd cause eye wanna go bak,
but then quickly dry my eyez.
This is wut he meant...
when eye heard a voice say:
'U shall know the truth 2nite'.
Eye now feel free & delivered,
Thank U lord....Thank u 4 the holy river.
"Mind, Body, & Soul" by: Christina Renee
Outside the wind blows,
Inside emotions overflow.
It's cloudy out 2day,
Looks like it may rain.
Eye wanna B who eye feel 2b,
But am eye maybe tryin 2 hard?
Will eye make any-1 proud?
Eye feel the angels near,
Eye feel them in the spritual air.
Eye think eye c one sittin on top of a tree,
Eye think eye feel 1 touching me.
A feather eye hold in my hand,
It's been there for daz.
Eye just can't seem 2 let it go.
Around my neck hang beads,
& Usually theres no shoes at my feet.
When eye hear the winds sing,
Eye feel so free.
When eye feel the wind touching me,
Eye feel as if eye'm flouting.
Flouting sumwhere far away from here,
Maybe sumwhere close 2 heaven,
Cause it feels so near.
Molested of the mind, body, & soul,
B-4 eye was old enough 2 fight.
Alone, Depressed, & so confused,
all those dark & stormy nights.
Will eye ever rise again?
Or should eye stay put?
Will eye B kicked down again,
By sum-1 else's judgements?
"Every Soul Wants Love" by: Christina Renee
Every soul wants another,
2 love, respect, & cherish eatchother.
Every soul wants love.
Sum-1 2 call their own,
Sum-1 2 say they belong.
Every soul wants love.
When in darkness they can C,
B/c they have love they're free.
Every soul wants love.
Like the trees they grow eatch day,
So taken away by love's embrace.
Every soul wants love.
He is my strength,
when eye'm not strong.
He is my hope,
when all hope seems lost.
He is my eyez,
When it's hard 2c.
He's the answer 2 everything.
"Summer Night" By: Christina Renee.
Eye never left him alone,
eye've always been around.
But suddenly he was,
Goin around...messin around.
Eye can't bealive all eye heard,
on that beautiful summer day.
He cheated on me,
It'll never B the same.
Oh, no it'll never B the same.
He has caused me sorrow & pain.
Fate as eye pictured it,
Has now took its toll.
& now eye'm sitting here,
Angry, confused & alone.
Eye screamed at him,
Until my face turned red.
All mourning eye've been crying in bed.
Eye told everybody,
Eye was gonna B with him 4 life.
But that all changed that summer night.
Eye left home & have not yet returned,
That Summer night.
***Everything Is COPYRIGHTED do not Steal my work***

R there really angels?
Or R they just in our minds?
It all comes out in the wash,
In time.~Prince