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*It's Just Around The Corner....

Who Am Eye?


More than anything, music is my inspiration. Ever since eye can remember, eye've always wanted 2b a singer. Now as a 15 year old, that desire has become stronger that ever. Alot of ppl c music as just music. But 2 me it's so much more, it's  a way of life. Eye'm not just a singer though, eye'm a singer/songwritter/Inspiring musician/Dancer. So many ppl in the music industry think it's all about the image. Like who's down with who's crew? Or who's wearing the latest style? & wut's really a damn shame, is that most of these ppl can't even sing live! & Most of them have never even picked up a musical insturment!
Dance is musical 2 me 2. When eye dance, eye feel eye'm releaseing all the stress, or fear, Etc. That eye may have bottled inside. It's therapy just like music is 4 me.
Music 2 me is about being able 2 express wutever Ur feelin. About writing wutever U wanna write & expressing it how ever U want 2 musicly. It ain't about a HIT song, or a new trend, Etc. It's about becoming an insturment of nature. & letting the music do the talking. Music is more important 2 me than anyone will ever know.


My Favorite Artist':
Prince: Prince, is prob the #1 artist' that inspires me. He's a singer, Songwritter, Musician, Actor, & Dancer. Prince is the real deal, No wonder ppl still call him the 'Artist' even after he changed his name bak 2 prince. Eye remember the 1st time eye heard of prince was at my mom's. She had the movie, 'Purple rain' & eye remember watching it all the time! Then eye kinda stopped watching it cause eye got tired of it. Plus, eye didn't really understand fully wut the movie was really about. Eye just thought he was HOT, & the music was amazing!  Anywaz, about 2 or 3 years ago eye got bak in2 prince! & These last 2 years, eye've really listened 2 his music. & this man is an amazing artist! Eye love all of his ablums, b/c eatch is diffrent, sinciere, real, & Honest. My favorite Prince ablum would have 2b "Emancipation"! Theres so many GREAT songs on there! & eye love the whole message of the ablum. It's about being free 2 own the copyrights of ur songs, cause Warner Bro. records owns all of his stuff b-4 'emancipation'. That's when he started his own label & stuff. But the whole ablum is great! Their R songs on there that make me cry, laugh, sing, think, & dance. He's truely the Artist of all time's.
Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson! Wut can eye say! Michael Jackson was the 1st artist that eye ever went Krazy over!! Eye think my dad thought eye was obsessed! lol! Eye respect MJ so much as an artist. "The way U make me feel", was the 1st song eye ever went krazy over! Eye saw it on T.V., or heard it on the radio or sumthin. But that song....OMG! Then when eye saw the video, eye was just like who is this? But the song is just amazing! But my fav MJ ablum is "Dangerous"! Eye love that ablum 2 death! Eye could listen 2 it over, & over, & over & never get tired of it!
The thing about MJ that eye like, is his amazing songwritting ability. All those song's eye use 2 listen 2 when eye was like 11 or 12, like "Black or White", "Billie Jean", & "The way U make me feel", eye didn't know he wrote all those song's. My favorite song that MJ has ever written is "Speechless". Eye feel so in love with that song the 1st time eye heard it! & eye still get teary eyed when eye listen 2 it! It's so sweet. & Let's not 4get Mj's danceing! He's the best damn dancer eye swear eye've ever seen! & he always will B! He's def inspires me in that catogory. He's the KING OF POP, & that's the bottom line!
Lenny Kravitz: Lenny Kravitz is prob the most down-2-earth person eye'm a fan of. He's so real, eye kinda 4get sumtimes he's a celebrity. Eye can relate so much 2 his music, b/c it's so real & honest. He ain't tryin 2 put on no front or anything like that, he's just writing from his heart. Most of everything that lenny sing's, he writes! That wut eye really admire about him. & he play's just about every insturment on his ablums! U gotta admire that! "Let Love Rule" is my Soundtrack 4 life! It's an amzing, Heartfelt ablum about Love, God, War, Etc. It's just an amazing ablum, that will alwaz B dear 2 my heart. & the song "Again"! Eye would like 2 play that at my wedding!! It's so sweet! Bottom line: Lenny Is a true artist, & eye totally respect him 4 being real & telling it!
Sum other of my fav's: Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Lilikoi Moon, Joss Stone, Mayte Garcia, Eminem, Led Zeplin, Etc.

R there really angels?
Or R they just in our minds?
It all comes out in the wash,
In time.~Prince